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Bic Razor Coupons

Save With Bic Razor Coupons

Many online retailers also sell disposable razors in bulk, many times with free shipping. Depending on the tax laws in your state, razors can also be purchased online free of sales tax. This in itself can add up to significant savings. Buying in bulk, getting free shipping, and possibly purchasing without sales tax. We’ve featured some of these offers on this site to help you save money on your purchases.

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About Bic Razor Coupons

Bic is a company well known for pens, and lighters, but have also become one of the leading manufacturers of disposable razors. Their history dates back 1945 when Marcel Bich started manufacturing mechanical pen and pencil parts in France. Bic came to the United States in 1958 when Bic acquired the Waterman Pen company. The Bic Shaver was introduced in 1975 as an inexpensive, but high quality disposable razor product. Bic has since acquired companies like Wite Out and Shaeffer to broaden their product offerings. They also are well known for their promotional products, and the ability to print a custom logo on just about anything.

Bic produces a full line of razors for men and women. Their offerings for men include the Comfort and Flex lines, with Sensitive and Metal varieties of disposable razors, and the Bic Advance system with replaceable shaving heads. All of the products represent a full selection of products for any taste. Their women’s products include similar lines to the mens, with more feminine names like Soleil, Lady, and Silky Touch. Use Bic razor coupons to get deals on all of these products.